As interest in who will be the next Labour leader heats up the name calling has started, but for Rebecca Long-Bailey the attention is getting a little weird.

January is the month when Hackney and Islington's front gardeners show that they truly appreciate the finer things in life, in particular its olfactory pleasures, writes Will McCallum, Greenpeace UK, Newington Green.

We're writing in response to the letter in the December 19 edition 'What about the future of Hoxton Market? The answer is - it's looking good, write Cllr Guy Nicholson, cabinet member for markets and Cllr Ian Rathbone, markets champion.

We forget, or at least I do, that Christmas marks not the end of winter but the beginning. The Roman calendar's New Year marks no arrival of new life - green shoots and floating butterflies, writes Will McCallum, Newington Green.

We're lucky where we live, to have local politicians and authorities that care about the environment we live in, writes Will McCallum, Newington Green.

In his first statement as prime minister, Boris Johnson gave "unequivocally our guarantee to the 3.2 million EU nationals now living and working among us...that, under this government, they will have the absolute certainty for the right to live and remain,"

Strong winds and autumn fast turns to winter - its colours trodden into the grey pavements, the fallen leaves letting in some winter light through recently bared canopy, writes Will McCallum, Newington Green.

I've just returned from the annual Antarctic Ocean Commission in Hobart, Tasmania where I've been campaigning for more protection of the spectacular wildlife down at the bottom of the world, writes Will McCallum, Newington Green and Greenpeace.

Thank you for the excellent feature on Downs Baptist Church on its history of standing up against injustice, writes Ian Rathbone, former chairman, Ogunwobi Family Campaign.

We welcome the Environment Bill announced in the Queen's Speech on Monday, writes Cllr Julian Bell, chairman, London Councils' Transport and Environment Committee.

On November 1, 2012 the Gazette reported the proposed closure of the workshops under the railway arches along Morning Lane to make way for fashion shops, writes Nik Wood, Gore Road, Hackney.

History is in the making - Friday saw the world's largest ever climate protest, writes Will McCallum, Newington Green.

There is a section of the new river path that curves round at the eastern end of Woodberry Wetlands, snaking back up towards Finsbury Park, where I have seen a rat every single time I run along it for two months, writes Will McCallum, Newington Green.

Greenpeace volunteers were in Broadway Market and Columbia Road Market at the weekend, writes Hackney Greenpeace.

It is an emergency, writes Will McCallum, Newington Green.

I'd like to show Meg Hillier and Diane Abbott that constituents care about protecting children in conflict, write Frances Reynolds, E9, and (many) other Save the Children supporters.

I was in Bordeaux the day before this French port city recorded its highest ever temperature (41.2C on July 23), writes Nicola Baird, Islington Green.

I am writing in response to your Editor's Comment piece of July 25, 2019, "Big plans to burn half our rubbish"writes Cllr Clyde Loakes, chairman, North London Waste Authority (NLWA):

In this summer heat, time slows down, writes Will McCallum, Newington Green.

For longer than I can remember Hackney has returned two Labour MPs with typically around 60 per cent of the vote, writes Nic Lee, Make Votes Matter, Dalston.

The thick smell of summer has crept out into the open air, overwhelming us as we walk along the street, writes Will McCallum, Newington Green.

Awkward, gangly and constantly hungry they are cluttering the water's edge with shrieks and squawks, competing for space with pedestrians and cyclists, writes Will McCallum, Newington Green.

I have read the article in last week's Hackney Gazette about cleaning up air in Stoke Newington", writesMr J E Kirby, Clissold Crescent, Stoke Newington.

Tackling re-offending is a key facet in our fight against rising violent crime, writes Jennette Arnold OBE, London Assembly Member for Hackney, Islington and Waltham Forest.

In the absence of any information from Transport for London (TfL) about the surveys they should have carried out on the origins and destinations of the journeys that involve traffic crossing Victoria Park on the stretch of Grove Road they propose to close, all consultation is worthless and all prediction baseless, write Mary Pimm and Nik Wood, Gore Road, Hackney.

Thank you for revealing that Gascoyne and Morningside Youth clubs are going to run out of money shortly (Hackney Civic Awards winner says her youth club is in desperate need of funding), writes Cllr Ian Rathbone, Well Street Traders Alliance.

Last week, we welcomed some of our youngest ever protesters to Hackney Town Hall, who came to protest for action on climate change, write Philip Glanville, mayor of Hackney and Cllr Jon Burke, cabinet member for Energy, Waste, Transport and Public Realm.

I was pleased to see that the Committee on Climate Change has recently advised the government that its proposed ban on the sale of diesel and petrol cars should be brought forward, writes Jennette Arnold OBE, London Assembly Member for North East (Hackney, Islington and Waltham Forest).

As someone who has volunteered for basic administration and literacy support for the diverse range of young people at my local charity WORLDwrite for many years I was shocked and very unhappy to read your article, writes Kate Abley, Hackney, full address supplied.

Hackney Council is the main funder for Hackney Law Centre, writes Edgard Philippe Kowouvi, Shacklewell Lane, Stoke Newington.

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