A Hackney man's "dreams became reality" after finding out he had won a Range Rover and £20,000 in cash after taking part in an online competition.

Reynaldo Mendoza was stunned when car and lifestyle competition BOTB presenter Christian Williams knocked on his front door on January 9.

Reynaldo told the presenter how he had woken up that morning at 3am and told his wife Sheryl that he had dreamt he had won a car.

Reynaldo, who works for a construction company and lives on a council estate in the borough, added how he had been looking at the BOTB website that morning and imagining he had won the car he had bought tickets for.

“I am a massive fan of Range Rover and I really admire this car so it is a dream come true,” said Reynaldo.

“It is also life changing because we live at our humble home in Hackney and now we can get our own place because the money will be a massive help with down payments.”

The Range Rover Sport SVR Carbon Edition he won is worth £115,000.

Wife Sheryl had already been told by BOTB that Reynaldo had won and found it really difficult to keep it a secret.

“When he woke at 3am and started saying he thought he’d won a car, I was thinking: ‘Oh my god has he seen it on my phone?'’,” said Sheryl after Christian arrived with the car and cash.

The Range Rover that Reynaldo now has the keys to has 567 brake horsepower and a five litre supercharged engine.

“It is going to be a lot of fun, especially on the motorway,” said Reynaldo.

BOTB hands over the keys to two dream cars each week as well as a lifestyle prize. Other recent winners have bagged £15,000 cash, a holiday to Las Vegas and a home music studio.

For a chance to win cars and prizes, people can enter draws by buying tickets to enter draws and competitions.

The company, listed on the stock market, was founded by William Hindmarch in 1999. It has given away more than £44m worth of cars so far.

Based in Fulham, BOTB first opened at Heathrow Airport in 1999.

To watch Reynaldo’s full reaction alongside a host of other lucky winners visit www.botb.com/winners/dc0122