London teenagers inspired to write book about racism after George Floyd murder

Fifteen-year-old Nia Lekuwa, from Hackney and 12-year--old Brianna-Kayla Lynch from Tottenham

Fifteen-year-old Nia Lekuwa, from Hackney and 12-year--old Brianna-Kayla Lynch from Tottenham, wrote Why Are they Crying? in the wake of the killing of George Floyd. - Credit: BlackJac Media

A Hackney teenager has co-written a book explaining why people are angered and hurt by racism. 

Fifteen-year-old Nia Lekuwa, from Hackney, joined forces with 12-year--old Brianna-Kayla Lynch from Tottenham, to write Why Are They Crying?

Nia said: “People need to be aware of how racism impacts victims. I hope ‘Why Are They Crying?’ inspires people to do something to change things.

"I believe there needs to be a shift in the way black history is taught in schools," she added. "Children should be taught the full story before it was interrupted by the slave trade, along with all black inventors and our amazing heroes.”  

The young authors were inspired to write about racism following the death of George Floyd in America last year. The crime ignited protests across the world in support of racial justice.

Brianna-Kayla said: “It hurts my heart to see people impacted by racism.

"My mum and granddad went on a protest during the pandemic because they felt passionate about demonstrating to say that 'Black Lives Matter'.

"This book contains some examples of how people feel about racism. I hope that people who have the power to make a difference will read this book and do all they can to bring about change as well as understand why black people are crying, hurting, frustrated and kneeling.”

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The book contains quotes from black role models and celebrities like actor John Boyega, former US first lady Michelle Obama and sports stars such as Marcus Rashford, Sir Lewis Hamilton and Naomi Osaka.

It is the latest title from black children's publisher BlackJac Media.

Founder of BlackJac Media Juliet Colet said: "It’s easy to forget the impact racism has on the lives of young people, so it’s an under statement to say I was surprised when Nia and Brianna-Kayla stated that they wanted to write a book about it. 

"They pleaded with me to let them write this book – how could I refuse? I am happy to say I am very pleased with what they’ve created.”

The book will be launched online on June 13 at 5pm. It can be purchased at