Troubled youngster found dead in flat ‘should have been saved’ – neighbour

A general view of Harrington Hill by the River Lea in Upper Clapton. Picture: Google Earth

A general view of Harrington Hill by the River Lea in Upper Clapton. Picture: Google Earth - Credit: Archant

A troubled young man found dead in his Upper Clapton flat should have been saved, says a neighbour who made 200 calls in a year about his problem behaviour.

Henri Norbert, 52, had told the council something would go “drastically wrong” if her complaints about anti-social behaviour coming from the neighbouring flat were not resolved.

The retail worker, who lives with her 24-year-old daughter in Harrington Hill, said she was woken daily by loud shouting, arguing and crying, while banging, fighting and loud music were also regular occurrences.

She told town hall officers she was worried about the welfare of the young man, who lived with his parents.

He is believed to have killed himself and was found on the night of July 10. Last week the council held a meeting with neighbours over the incident.

“It’s unbelievable they didn’t act,” said Henri. “I was saying someone is going to die and they didn’t listen, even on the morning he was found.”

That morning, July 10, Henrietta emailed the council to report loud music had been blasting since 1.45pm the previous day.

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Officers visited twice but didn’t get into the man’s flat, and the council was due to speak to its lawyers about the issue the following day.

“I’ve been off work,” Henri said. “I’ve never complained about anything but this was affecting my mental health. I’m still traumatised but I’m really angry. This family were known to services when they moved in. Police were called on numerous occasions.”

One email Henri sent to the council in May detailed disturbances between 6am and 8am that woke her up daily. She ended the email by saying: “When something goes drastically wrong they will say: ‘Lessons will be learned.’”

The town hall said it was saddened by the death, adding: “The council is working with the family and residents to mediate, offer support and try to resolve the ongoing issues, in partnership with the police, East London NHS Foundation Trust and other support services.”

A spokesperson added: “This is a very complex and highly sensitive situation.”

East London Foundation Trust said in a statement this morning: “We would like to extend our condolences to the family and friends of this young man.

Any review of the circumstances surrounding an incident of this nature would take place at an inquest and it would not be appropriate to comment further at this stage.”

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