A religious congregation describing itself as "radically inclusive" has welcomed a new minister.

Rev CJ McGregor arrived in the UK on September 1 and led his first New Unity congregation in London three days later.

"We are diverse in beliefs. We see ourselves as a centre for justice, equity and compassion," he said.

New Unity differs slightly from other Unitarian congregations in the UK in that it does not come under the umbrella of Christianity.

Rev CJ said he was particularly excited to join the New Unity community in London. He was attracted by "the congregation itself, the work that it's doing, who it wants to be in London in terms of justice work and definitely its historical nature", adding: "We've considered ourselves dissenters for over 300 years."

Rev CJ said: "One of our goals is to be this centre for the community, an ally in local justice issues. I think also in this age where people aren't necessarily wanting to associate themselves with organised religion, we see ourselves as a place where people can come and nurture their spirituality on their own terms."

He added: "We don't tell you what to believe when you come to New Unity; we ask you what you believe and help you go deeper in that."

"It's a church for our time, when organised religion can cause divisiveness and a lot of harm and hurt to people in the community. We're different - we're inclusive and accepting and a place where people can really mature spiritually on their own terms."

Rev CJ said he was excited to work with the Newington Green Heritage Fund Program.

"We bring in all kinds of diverse exhibitions, authors, art shows. We even have a film club," he said.

"One other thing I'm really excited about getting involved in is the Hackney and Islington Citizens Alliance. They work on all of the local social justice issues so I want to get the congregation more deeply connected with that organisation because we're in that community.

"We want to see positive changes for the people who live here."