Hackney’s part in a unique Second World War operation has been marked on the big screen and now closer to home.

With the release of Operation Mincemeat in cinemas, a commemorative plaque has been installed at the churchyard of St John at Hackney.

On Sunday (April 24) the plaque was unveiled with a reception afterwards at the Town Hall.

The film charts the story of British intelligence in 1943 using the body of a homeless man to pose as a made-up officer whose body was concealed with false information in an attempt to fool enemy generals about the Allies’ plans.

Hackney Mortuary was used in the operation, which was headed by Ewen Montagu - played in the film by Colin Firth.

Last weekend’s event was attended by some of the Montagu family members, the plaque's sponsor from the US, local dignitaries and community leaders.

The film has so far taken £2.6million at the UK box office and opened to 90 per cent positive reviews from critics.