Homerton Hospital will be changing its full name at start of next month on April 1.

The Hackney hospital's formal title, Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, has existed since it became of of the first 10 foundation trusts to be set up within the health service in April 2004.

It retained its current name in 2011 despite integrating City and Hackney's community services within the trust's hospital acute services.

A poll among staff found the majority favoured a name change, with the name Homerton Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust winning out.

Among Trust members, 51 per cent voted in favour of a name change.

Trust chief executive Tracey Fletcher said: "With the advent of the new Integrated Care System for north east London being launched last year, we believe this is the right time to amend our name."

She says it will "better reflect" how the trust provides a wide range of health care in hospital and in local communities in City, Hackney and beyond.