A vegan dog food company is promoting plant-based lifestyles for pups this month.

THE PACK's Veganuary campaign targets "dog-friendly neighbourhoods", including Hackney's Broadway Market, Hampstead Heath, Chalk Farm and Islington.

Co-founded by Judy Nadel and Damien Clarkson, the brand claims to be the first company in the world to produce multiple plant-based meat wet dog food flavours.

Judy said: “We launched our vegan dog food range to help humans and dogs alike to leave smaller carbon pawprints on the planet.

"We know consumers are applying environmental and healthy diet principles to their pets - THE PACK is here to help.

"As thousands sign up to Veganuary this month, we want to turn heads and get tails wagging across London with our latest campaign and let people know that eating a plant-based diet isn't just for them, it's for dogs too.”

Damian added: "We are all living through an ecological crisis and a seismic shift in the pet-food industry can make a positive contribution to tackling the climate crisis."

This month the company has partnered with restaurants and cafes, including Biff’s at Brewdog, Purezza and Vurger to serve up their "drool-inducing" dog food to pups dining with their owners.