A Shoreditch block has had to be monitored by a 24-hour waking watch for almost a month after a flood destroyed its fire alarm system.

A resident living at Weymouth Terrace in Fellows Court explained how waste water had seeped into and damaged the fire system on December 24 last year.

They said there was “water dripping in the electrics” on that day.

The resident, who preferred not to be named, added: “Considering amount of fires in the estate this is a serious health and safety risk.

“It took the sewage 18 hours to be cleaned and for electrics to be made safe.”

The resident reports previous fires and floods in the past few years, including a blaze in 2019.

They claim this caused piping to bow later causing the flooding in December due to a tendency to block.

In an email sent on December 28, they complained about rubbish not being picked up in that area, "not only causing rodents but fire risk".

The resident is concerned that in case of a fire not all alarms will be heard by the waking watch.

They also claim a long-history of neglect at the estate.

The tenant added: "The housing around this area it just seems like its just left and the disrepairs keep building up."

However, Hackney Council says that the waste in the block's refuge area was collected on December 28.

Hackney Council confirmed that four members of staff are present at Weymouth Terrace 24 hours a day to "ensure the building is safe for all residents".

A council spokesperson stated that "unfortunately" a flood on December 24 destroyed the fire alarm panel at Weymouth Terrace.

They added: "The replacement parts were ordered straight away but there is a lead-in time for delivery and the start of work to install the new fire alarm began last week.

"Before the new alarm is operational, we need to test wiring across the building, with commissioning of the new system expected to start on January 20. We expect installation to be completed by January 26.

“We apologise for any inconvenience or concern this has caused to residents and have written to all homes explaining the next steps."

London Fire Brigade has not yet responded for comment.