The UK’s first-ever alcohol-free comedy club is returning to east London.

On January 30, the Backyard Comedy Club in Bethnal Green will host a dynamic comedy line-up, minus the booze.

Featuring four top professional comedians, the event will promote the joy of drinking less.

Martyn Davies, of host organisation Sober IS fun, said: “Sober IS fun has been going for approximately three years. I had a background of working in the professional comedy industry, then went sober myself.

“Nobody had actually ever tried to put on a professional stand-up comedy event for people that just don’t drink.”

As the UK’s first alcohol-free comedy event, its uniqueness initially raised questions.

“At the beginning, the acts were a little bit unsure…but what actually happened was after the first event we held they couldn’t believe it because the audience was just so attentive, listening in on every word.

“They were getting every joke that the acts were saying. The comedians themselves are aware now that it is a really good gig to play,” said Martyn.

After holding successful events in Essex, Sober IS Fun presented numerous events in London, which were all met with high acclaim.

The event this January will feature comedians Susan Murray, Gerry K, Rich Wilson and Erin Tett.

Martyn said: “[the event] is open to absolutely everyone, taking an afternoon off the drink and experiencing proper belly laughter, not enhanced by alcohol.

“It’s purposely an afternoon show so that people can come into London and then get home at a good time.”

He continued: “Sometimes you can be in the comedy club and, during the first half an hour, there’s not much laughter, but once a few people have had a few drinks, it then gets a bit loud.

“But with the sober comedy, people are laughing from the off,” he said.

During the event, alcohol will be unavailable to purchase, but a range of alternatives – including alcohol-free beer and spirits - are available.

Martyn added: “Remember the afternoon, remember all the jokes, remember all the comedians and be present in the moment. And no hangover the next day."

Tickets for the London Alcohol-Free Comedy Club are available at