Upper Clapton rapper Professor Green dished out breakfasts to Hackney schoolchildren as part of a UK-wide campaign to combat hunger.

The turned campaigner teamed up with Quaker Oats for its latest #FillABowl campaign which will see 500,000 breakfasts going to the charity Magic Breakfast this winter.

The charity provides school breakfasts to children at risk of hunger in disadvantaged areas of the country including pupils in Hackney.

Pro Green who grew up on school meals said the campaign was "close to his heart".

He added: "I can’t quite believe kids these days are still going hungry, missing out on breakfast and therefore not setting themselves up for success before the day even starts.”

On his visit to St John the Baptist Primary School on Pitfield Street last month (September 27) he served pupils porridge and helped raise awareness about UK child poverty ahead of World Food Day on October 16.

St John's the Baptist Primary School is one of 750 Magic Breakfast partner schools which benefit from its work.

And the charity's annual school survey shows just how beneficial breakfast can be with the majority of schools surveyed agreeing that the important meal can improve readiness to learn, energy levels and wellbeing.

The survey also revealed how 79 per cent of schools believe that child hunger has increased in their community in the last year and, that 89pc believe poverty more generally has increased.

Emily Wilkie, head of fundraising at Magic Breakfast said: “It's vital for a child to feel settled and focussed before they start their lessons and, particularly with the start of autumn and the colder weather, a warming bowl of porridge can have a magical effect."

Claire Molyneux, head of marketing at Quaker Oats added: “There is nothing better than knowing breakfast donations are helping to feed the fire inside of children and help them reach their full potential.

"We hope our latest campaign with Magic Breakfast and Pro Green continues to raise awareness and donations for Magic Breakfast and the fantastic work they do.”

Quaker has also also pledged 2.9 million breakfast donations to schools.

To support and donate visit www.magicbreakfast.com/donate/magic-breakfast