Activists are set to rally outside Amazon's Fashion Studio in Shoreditch to protest the poor treatment of workers in the supply chain.

The protest is taking place tomorrow (May 26) outside the fashion studio on Geffrye Street to coincide with an Amazon shareholders' meeting.

Activists will be calling on the tech giant to respect labour rights around the world, particularly the rights of workers in Bangladesh and Cambodia, who, the UK trade union Unite reports, have been the victims of "shocking treatment" in the midst of the global pandemic.

Unite executive officer Sharon Graham said: "It is time for Amazon’s shareholders to demand action to deliver better rights for (their) workers."

Unite, together with global union Uni, have launched the campaign, #PayYourWorkers. This urges Amazon and other apparel brands and retailers to ensure the workers who make their clothes are paid full wages throughout the pandemic, to ensure protection of workers if factories go bankrupt and to make sure they are able to organise and bargain collectively through unions.

Amazon has been contacted for comment.