A series of four free events at a nightclub in Hackney Wick is aiming to educate and inspire women producers.

Producer Pioneers will take place at Hackney's Colour Factory on October 18 and 25 and November 1 and 8.

Interviews will be held each week with an acclaimed female music producer.

The interviewees are Honey Dijon, Flava D, Lucinda Chua and Emma-Jean Thackray, who will each discuss seven tracks and explore the details of their production process, including the intricacies of their own work and advice for equipment.

DJ, producer and founder of the series, Colleen "Cosmo" Murphy, said: "As a DJ for over three decades, I'm pleased to have witnessed some major shifts in the representation of women in this vocation in the past couple of years.

"The profile-raising of women DJs and the affirmative action taken by many promoters has been a huge positive change and I'm delighted that the playing field is in the process of becoming more even.

Hackney Gazette: Colleen Murphy founded interview series Producer PioneersColleen Murphy founded interview series Producer Pioneers (Image: Colleen Murphy)

"I feel now is the time to also highlight the women who make up the small six per cent of the UK’s music producers. As I began producing 25 years ago, this pursuit is not only professional, but personal."

According to Colleen, the series, "will celebrate the women who, despite many challenges, have made major inroads in this currently male-dominated arena".

She continued: "Our aim is to celebrate these women producers and to share their stories and advice to inspire other women to realise their own hidden talents. Together we can begin to level out this playing field too.”

The series is presented by Classic Album Sundays and Resident Advisor.

Amy Van-Baaren, head of community at Resident Advisor, added: "We are delighted to work alongside Classic Album Sundays for this series celebrating and sharing knowledge from experienced and extremely talented producers in the hope to inspire the next generation.

"The Jaguar Foundation report highlighted the massive gender disparity in UK dance music and we hope initiatives like these will help to close the gap.”

Colour Factory is located in White Post Lane and people can sign up for free here: ra.co/promoters/48479.