Hackney Council has cancelled a penalty charge notice (PCN) issued to the car of a woman who died three months earlier.

Martin Keise said his mother Prudence Smith, who died on June 25, lived at Donne House in Stoke Newington and her car was parked in a space at the Milton Garden estate with her annual permit.

Martin explained he moved the car, returned it to the same space and was served with the PCN on September 20.

According to Martin, he called Hackney Council on September 21 and was told someone within the council had cancelled the permit.

He said no one contacted him about the cancellation despite him informing the relevant bodies about his mother's passing.

Hackney Council responded: "We want to pass on our condolences to the resident and their family for their loss. Our parking services team has no record of being made aware the resident who owned this vehicle had passed away."

Martin said he appealed the PCN on September 21 and the appeal was rejected on September 30 so he paid the £65 fine the same day.

Hackney Gazette: Martin with his mum Prudence, who died in JuneMartin with his mum Prudence, who died in June (Image: Martin Kiese)

He added: "It was quite frustrating and I felt like there was a lack of compassion across the board while talking to the council.

"When I disputed the fine, I was begging them to waive it, considering the circumstances, and their response felt like a computer generated response. They read my comments and decided to uphold the fine."

The council spokesperson continued: "As a gesture of goodwill we have cancelled the penalty charge notice on this occasion and will refund the PCN paid - this will take up to 10 days to arrive in the payee's account."

The council added: "Hackney Council, in line with all other local authorities, make clear that we do not issue parking permits to vehicles which are registered as having been taken off the road with the DVLA, commonly known as SORN.

"On the 8th of September, our abandoned vehicle team came across a vehicle and identified it as not having valid road tax.

"As a result of it being found in breach of our permit terms and conditions, the permit was cancelled; notification of this cancellation was sent by email to the account holder.

"The vehicle subsequently received a penalty charge notice on the 20th September, as it no longer held a valid parking permit."