Greed, vanity and a world where "everyone is competing for power" - politics in late 2022 or an age-old pantomime plot that scarcely needs updating?

In the Hackney Empire's 2022 production, Mother Goose is about to be thrown off her land as she cannot pay her rent.

But along comes Priscilla the Goose, laying golden eggs, and Mother Goose is rich.

Only when the Demon King turns up, Mother Goose is forced to reckon with her greed and find out what is most important to her.

Principal actress Ruth Lynch, from Walthamstow, is making her professional debut inside Priscilla's giant goose suit this year.

Speaking at today's (November 7) rehearsal, the 21-year-old said the plot is especially relevant in the current political climate.

She said: "I think the story [structure] is quite a well-known one, with vanity taking over. I think that it's very relevant, especially with how the world is [today] where everyone's competing for power.

"When you look at our current government, it's very relatable to watch - if you always want more, then you're never going to be satisfied.

"And if you let all that take over then you become a not very nice person!"

Ruth graduated from the Musical Theatre Academy in Tottenham Green in the summer.

Before that, she trained at the Vestry School of Dance, Walthamstow, the same school that the children performing in the pantomime have been recruited from.

Ruth has taken part in Hackney Empire's festive pantomime since she was 12.

Hackney Gazette: Ruth Lynch, who makes her professional debut this year, said the first pantomime she performed in was Mother Goose, in 2014Ruth Lynch, who makes her professional debut this year, said the first pantomime she performed in was Mother Goose, in 2014 (Image: Newsquest)

Despite being inside a four-metre goose costume, fitted with internal mechanisms for the mouth and eyes., she can still act and put on a performance.

"It's hot and sweaty [in there]", Ruth said. "But it's really nice because I can still see through it and I still feel like I'm interacting with people even though it's actually the goose face moving."

Ruth continued: "There's always something fun going on - when people forget their lines or the other day, I laid my egg at the wrong time!"

She added: "The Hackney Empire is a really special place for me. I started doing pantos when I was a kid so it's really nice to be back as an adult because I've grown up here. It just becomes like family."

Mother Goose will run from November 19 to December 31. Tickets are available at: