A single mother says she and her three-year-old son suffered breathing problems after damp in their Hackney flat led to black mould on the walls and furniture turning green. 

Layla Nuur, an early year’s practitioner, first reported the damp when she moved into her flat in Blurton Road, Lower Clapton, in June last year.

She told the Hackney Gazette that Peabody housing association informed her the issue had been resolved before she moved in.

However, neighbours told her the damp problem had been going on for the past four years due to flooding in the flat next door.

After she and her son developed chest infections and coughing fits in October this year, she said she called the housing association again.

“All my furniture is brand new but now I need a new wardrobe, a new drawer, a new bed because everything is just completely green… even my mattress,” she said.

“Me and my son have never been sick before, but now we’re suddenly having breathing problems.”

Hackney Gazette: Mould beginning to grow on furnitureMould beginning to grow on furniture (Image: Layla Nuur)

The state of social housing has drawn national attention in recent weeks after a coroner ruled that the death of two-year-old Awaab Ishak in Rochdale in 2020 was due to prolonged exposure to black mould.

Layla said that when contracted maintenance workers visited her flat, they cleaned off the mould and painted over it, but it grew back. 

Hackney Gazette: Damp in Layla's flatDamp in Layla's flat (Image: Layla Nuur)

“I told them that maybe the problem comes from my side, maybe someone can come look at the bathroom, but the contractor refused to look at my bathroom,” she said. 

Layla is awaiting another appointment for maintenance workers to visit her flat.

“I have to dehumidify the room all the time and that costs too much money,” she said.

Peabody did not respond to a request for comment.