An Advent campaign this Christmas raises awareness of the ongoing impact of the cost-of-living crisis this winter.

Hackney Children and Baby Bank has launched the Everyday Luxuries Calendar campaign.

Each door is filled either with basic necessities, such as a pair of socks, or a symbolic object, like a torch, which represents a particular challenge faced by low income families during the festive season.

The calendar was shot by Jacob McFadden and can be found at

Based in Homerton, Hackney Children and Baby Bank supplies essential food and clothing items to families and vulnerable people. 

Since its launch at the start of the pandemic as the E5 Baby Bank, the charity has helped 2,500 families, many of whom are refugees or domestic abuse survivors. 

Beautine Wester, the organisation’s founder, said: "Hackney children's bank has seen an unprecedented rise in demands for everyday basic necessities. 

"Many families this winter are struggling to hold it all together and at their wits end facing a very bleak Christmas. 

"We hope this campaign goes some way to highlighting the extent to which families are struggling right now while also directly helping those in need."