Rubble from a demolished shop and bins from a block of flats are creating a “complete obstruction” in Stamford Hill. 

Residents claim the pavement in Holmdale Terrace outside Cambridge Court has been impassable since August. 

A construction site is currently in place behind the flats at 1b Holmdale Terrace while a block containing a retail unit and four homes is built. 

Michelle Blue, who lives near Seven Sisters station, said the shop at 1a Holmdale Terrace was demolished after its structural integrity was compromised when construction work began.

She added: “The shop hasn’t been cleared off the pavement so people can’t walk along it. 

“People are walking in the road, the bins are all over the place, it’s just a disaster zone around there.”

Haringey Council confirmed that the demolished shop was within the borough's boundary, but that the construction site was in Hackney. 

Hackney Gazette: Rubble from a shop collapse blocking the pavement in Holmdale Terrace today (January 12)Rubble from a shop collapse blocking the pavement in Holmdale Terrace today (January 12) (Image: Henry Gibbs)

The bins serving Cambridge Court have been moved onto Holmdale Terrace to accommodate the construction work.

Michelle said: “When you take out more than 10 bins from an estate and put them on a pavement which is on one of the very steep hills in the borough, it becomes a complete obstruction. 

“People start dumping their rubbish and rats then come from the railway track across the road.”

Hackney Gazette: Bins from Cambridge Court have been placed in Holmdale Terrace, pictured today (January 12)Bins from Cambridge Court have been placed in Holmdale Terrace, pictured today (January 12) (Image: Henry Gibbs)

She added that she has raised the issue with her own council, Haringey, but was told that the pavement was just metres inside the boundary of Hackney.

 Michelle said: “It’s just horrible. The whole side of that pavement is unusable, you have to walk into the road.

“Nobody has moved anything for six months apart from putting a barrier around it. Why has it been left like a crime scene?” 

A Hackney Council spokesperson said: “We are aware of the issue regarding the bins in the Cambridge Court and Holmdale Road area and are continuing to take steps to remedy the situation.

"We have been liaising with the managing agents of Cambridge Court for several weeks to try and remedy the problem. Unfortunately, this approach has been unsuccessful.

“We are committed to resolving the issue as soon as possible and are now looking at potential enforcement action to rectify the situation.

“In the meantime, we are continuing to collect waste from the bins and maintain street cleansing to minimise the disruption to residents and pedestrians who we know, like us, are concerned with the situation.”

A spokesperson for the planning applicant at 1b Holmdale Terrace, Kotas Properties Ltd, said that it was possible the construction site had caused the structural problems at the neighbouring shop, but that they believed the issues were reparable. 

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