Journalist and presenter Huw Edwards has unveiled a blue plaque in Hackney that honours a renowned Welsh philosopher.

The blue plaque commemorating Dr Richard Price marks his former home at 54 Newington Green, in what is believed to be the oldest surviving terrace in London, dating from 1658.

Edwards praised Dr Price as “a mathematical genius” and said that he “deserves to be a household name”.

According to English Heritage, Dr Price was one of the greatest Welsh thinkers of all time and lived in Newington Green from around 1758 until 1787.

He was also minister at Newington Green Unitarian Church during this time.

Dr Price enjoyed close friendships with US founding fathers Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson and was a supporter of the American revolution.

Mr Edwards said: “There is no doubt that Richard Price deserves to be a household name. He was a mathematical genius and forward-thinking philosopher and theologian whose influence is still felt today.

“I hope English Heritage’s new plaque will go some way towards getting him the recognition he deserves.”

English Heritage’s Howard Spencer said: “From economics and statistics to politics, religion and philosophy, Richard Price’s achievements are incredibly varied.

“He was a true man of the age of enlightenment, and it is particularly exciting to commemorate him here in Newington Green, where we know he spent many years, and on a building of such note.”

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