A Hackney teacher has travelled to Turkey to help those impacted by the earthquake.

Krisztian Egyed, 31, works with students with special educational needs (SEN) at the Petchey Academy.

During half term, from February 13 to 17, he travelled to Gaziantep, a city in southern Turkey, to offer his support after major earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria on February 6.

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As he did not have the required training to join the rescue effort, Krisztian spent the week in a restaurant, working alongside other volunteers cooking and distributing food for families displaced by the earthquake.

Krisztian said: "When I saw what had happened on the news I just wanted to help.

"I saw certain airports were still open so I just jumped on a plane.

"I had planned to help with the rescuing but you need to be trained for that so I ended up working in a restaurant, making food for people who had lost their homes and giving out food."

The earthquakes killed more than 44,000 people, forcing many out of collapsed or unsafe homes into freezing conditions.

The initial shocks were followed by another earthquake later in the month that killed more people.

"The things I saw there will always stay with me. It was heart-breaking to see families in camps trying to stay warm and trying to survive on the streets in that cold weather.

"I was focused on helping as much as I could, supporting the children and families that needed help.

"People were really grateful for the support we were providing - we became a close-knit team."

According to the United Nations (UN), 1.5 million people in the south of Turkey have been left homeless following the earthquakes.

Krisztian added: "At school we often talk to children about being responsible and doing the right thing. It is important that we lead by example.

"I feel it was my responsibility as a young fit person to do all I could to help out in a very desperate situation.

"I would say to anyone that if you have the opportunity, the time to go there and help please do it.

"They badly need your support."