OTHERWORLD offers a weird and wonderful immersive virtual reality experience – and now the bar is currently offering “the best cocktail in the world” designed purely by artificial intelligence.

The venue's technology allows the player to visit a unique island retreat within virtual reality, which also acts as a hub for all kinds of games and activities.

Before we got started with the VR, my colleague Emma and I decided to get the night going by trying the cocktails that were able to claim for free through the nightlife app, DUSK.

Hackney Gazette: OTHERWORLD HackneyOTHERWORLD Hackney (Image: Newsquest)

You can get your hands on the free drink at the OTHERWORLD Hackney venue through the DUSK app until April 20.

'The Heavenly Sipper' was a short drink made up of elderflower cordial, honey syrup, anise bitters, lime juice and sparkling wine and garnished with an orange twist.

I picked the alcoholic option but Emma went for the mocktail version – so there is something for those who prefer not to drink.

The recipe for the cocktail was actually created by ChatGPT - an artificial intelligence program that you’ve probably seen splashed all over the news lately.

Hackney Gazette: “The Heavenly Sipper”.“The Heavenly Sipper”. (Image: NQ)

It is blowing people away with its human-like brain and so DUSK asked ChatGPT to give them a recipe for “the best cocktail in the world” – inventing 'The Heavenly Sipper'.

I thought it was delicious and loved the hint of tangy orange. If anything it was a tad strong (but no complaints there), which I think was down to the sparkling wine.

I was fascinated by the idea of having a cocktail made by a robot mind – it fitted perfectly with the sci-fi fantasy experience at OTHERWORLD.

We then go stuck into the VR experience where you were led into Black Mirror-like white pods surrounded by glowing multicoloured lights and trippy visuals.

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If you have never tried VR before, it is basically a gaming headset that goes over your eyes, with motion controllers that track your movement, completely immersing you into another world – or in this case OTHERWORLD.

I had done some VR before and had previously visited the venue – but I was delighted to see they had updated the tutorial since I had been and had made it easier for first-time players to get involved.

It was Emma’s first time ever using VR, but she picked it up so quickly with the help of the kind staff at the site, who speak into your headset if you need a little nudge or assistance.

Hackney Gazette: OTHERWORLD HackneyOTHERWORLD Hackney (Image: Newsquest)

She did so well that she actually got more points than me at the end – I should also mention you can use the points you earn in the game to get discounts off your drinks.

You are then launched into the game and sledge down a huge mountain onto the unique island retreat where you are free to roam and explore at your leisure.

The area is split into four seasons (which gives you an idea of the difficulty of the games in the area) and you can feel the heat and the atmosphere of each zone as you pass through.

You can play a selection of games by following a glowing path each one – there is everything from beautiful puzzle experiences in a fantasy forest (Fujii) to blasting back endless hoards of zombies (Arizona sunshine).

There is really something for everyone, beginners and gaming legends alike, or you could just hang out on the island or have a look on Google Earth if you wanted.

Emma and I tried out the game “Cook-out” to get started and had to work together to virtually create sandwiches for some very demanding customers.

Hackney Gazette: On the island in VROn the island in VR (Image: Otherworld)

It was hilarious and more stressful than you think – mostly because Emma was trying to make as many sandwiches as possible while I was too busy spraying the room with tomato sauce and throwing cheese.

We then tried out “Windlands”, in which you were equipped with a grapplehook and a bow and arrow – allowing you to glide through the trees endlessly like a VR Tarzan.

It really did feel like you were falling when you let go and the pods blasted wind in your direction to match your movements – it is a feeling you can’t really put into words.

I honestly cannot wait to return to OTHERWORLD in the future and the extra special treat of trying a cocktail made by AI really topped off the whole experience.

Hackney Gazette: In gameIn game (Image: Otherworld)

DUSK CEO and co-founder Sophie Abrahamovitch said: “As AI continues to infiltrate every area of our lives, we had to put it to the test and find out if it was up to mixing a world-class cocktail.

“After tasting it ourselves and posting online, it became pretty clear that people wanted to try it too, putting their night out in the chatbot’s hands. - we teamed up with OTHERWORLD, the perfect partner for cocktails and technology to bring this virtual reality to London.

“Clearly, bartenders won’t be replaced any time soon, the aptly named 'Heavenly Sipper' is delicious and available completely free via DUSK.”