A foodbank in Hackney has received a £25,000 donation after a construction worker from east London won a £3 million dream home in north London.

Fundraising platform Omaze awarded Hackney Foodbank the donation after the completion of its latest house draw.

Kevin Johnson, 34, was the winner of the Islington Omaze million pound house draw after he bought the winning entry for just £50.

Pat Fitzsimons, CEO of the foodbank in Cherbury Street, said that the donation would make a “massive difference” to the charity’s efforts to help those in need in the area.

The charity has six food distribution centres and feeds more than 600 people a week, up from just over 300 a week in 2022.

Pat said: “We hope to use it towards the collection, sorting and distribution of the food, as well as the vital support we give to all the volunteers that we depend upon.

 “Times are harder than ever before – so when the team from Omaze came to the warehouse and told us they’d be making such a large donation, we were so thankful.”

Omaze said that it was committed to supporting local charities, as well as its main charity partners.

The Islington Omaze campaign also raised £2 million for the British Heart Foundation.

James Oakes from Omaze said: “The work that everyone at Hackney Foodbank is doing is truly inspirational.

"I had the honour of visiting their warehouse and seeing first-hand the receipt, sorting and packing and dispatch of the vast number of food parcels for people in need.

"We’re delighted to have made a contribution to such an important charity, we will continue to help more local causes in the areas where we host our house draws, wherever possible." 

Mayor of Hackney Philip Glanville said it was “upsetting” that so many people were dependent on donations, but praised the work of food banks in supporting those in need.

He said: "That so many residents are dependent upon food banks in the capital of one of the largest economies in the world remains genuinely upsetting.

“We're indebted to the work of organisations like Hackney foodbank and support them all ourselves as much as we can.

“On behalf of all those that use the food bank I say thank you for this donation from Omaze."