A restaurant was evacuated after grease in a kitchen extractor fan is believed to have ignited.

Kitchen ducting from the plant room all the way to the roof of the six-storey building was destroyed in the blaze in Shoreditch High Street.

The fire brigade was called at 9.58pm and a total of 65 people evacuated the building before firefighters arrived.

The fire was under control by 11.12pm. There were no reports of injuries.

The London Fire Brigade says the fire is believed to have been accidental and caused by the ignition of grease and cooking deposits within the extractor ducting.

A London Fire Brigade spokesperson said that restaurants are at “greater risk of fire” if they don’t clean the kitchen ducting regularly.

They said hobs, cooker hoods and extraction fans must also be kept clean, as “built up fat and grease can ignite and cause a fire”.

Other advice included never filling a pan more than one third full of oil and ensuring food is dry before placing it in hot oil.

The Fire Brigade’s full list of top-tips for restaurants and takeaways is below:

• Have ducting in your extraction system (ventilation) cleaned regularly

• Ensure ducting is installed correctly

• Take extra care when cooking with hot oil as it can easily overheat and catch fire

• Never fill the pan more than one third full of fat or oil

• Make sure food is dry before putting it in hot oil - oil and water are a dangerous mix

• Use an electronic deep fat fryer if possible - they have automatic temperature controls and are much safer

• Ensure your electrical system is regularly tested

• Complete your Fire Risk Assessment and make an emergency plan.