A man has been jailed after he murdered his wife for financial gain, stealing her bank card and jewellery.

Quyum Miah, 41, of High Street, Homerton had previously been found guilty of the Bethnal Green murder of 40-year-old Yasmin Begum.

Divorce proceedings between the two were under way at the time of the attack.

Miah was found to have stabbed his wife several times at her home in Globe Road on March 24, 2022.

He subsequently used her bank card to withdraw £800 in cash and pawned two items of her jewellery for around £200.

Following a police investigation, Miah was arrested in Plaistow on March 27, 2022.

He was handed a life sentence for Yasmin's murder with a minimum jail term of 33 years at Southwark Crown Court yesterday (June 9).

While passing the sentence, Judge Hales KC reiterated the serious nature of the case.

She said that she was in no doubt that the defendant had murdered Yasmin for financial gain and that there was a significant degree of planning and premeditation to the attack.

She added that the defendant had an admitted history of stealing from his wife to fund his drug habit.

Police launched an investigation into Yasmin’s murder after she was found collapsed inside her home shortly after 4pm on the day of the attack after she failed to collect her children from school.

CCTV images showed that, on the morning of the murder, Miah left his home in Homerton to travel to Bethnal Green.

He arrived in Globe Road at around 10.30am, with neighbours recalling that they saw a man fitting his description loitering close to Yasmin’s home.

At around 2.30pm, after visiting a neighbour, Yasmin spoke briefly on the phone to a friend, who said nothing sounded out of the ordinary at the time.

Police believe that after that call ended, Miah entered Yasmin’s flat and unleashed a savage attack on her.

After stealing his wife’s bank card and the jewellery she was wearing, he fled the scene, locking the door from the outside.

CCTV captured Miah just before 3pm carrying a green and yellow bag for life which appeared full.

Officers later recovered this bag from a rubbish bin and found clothing stained with Yasmin’s blood inside.

Police later searched Miah’s Homerton home, finding a trainer with traces of Yasmin’s blood on it and an item that had been stolen from inside her flat.

Detective Chief Inspector Larry Smith, who led the investigation, said: “The length of this prison sentence reflects not only the violence that Quyum Miah inflicted that day, but also the premeditation involved in taking Yasmin’s life.

“Our thoughts remain with Yasmin’s family as they continue to struggle with their loss.”