Parody advertisements featuring Rishi Sunak shaking an oil-soaked hand have sprung up at bus stops across the capital.

So far the ad campaign, which opposes the exploitation of the undeveloped North Sea oil and gas field Rosebank, has been spotted in Hackney, Southwark and Tower Hamlets.

A decision on whether to allow energy giant Equinor to develop the oil and gas field is awaiting final approval by the UK government.

The parody advertisements show Sunak shaking an oil-soaked hand, next to a Conservatives logo.

The text reads: “A helping hand for those in need: £3.75bn public money to oil company Equinor if Rosebank oil field goes ahead.”

Greenpeace activists recently staged an hours-long protest on the roof of the Prime Minister’s grade II-listed manor house in North Yorkshire over his new fossil fuel drilling “frenzy”.

It came after Rishi Sunak said that the UK should “max out” oil and gas opportunities in the North Sea, claiming it was “good for energy security…[and] good for jobs”.

Following the guerrilla ad campaign, Joanna Warrington, a spokesperson for Fossil Free London, said: “Rosebank would be a double disaster. It would cost us, the UK taxpayers, billions of pounds, while doing absolutely nothing to bring down our energy bills and the soaring cost of living.

She added: “By agreeing to grant over a hundred new oil and  gas licences, Sunak and his big oil buddies are signing our collective death warrants – all whilst pocketing profits for themselves.”