Motorcyclists have started to “park like cars” to protest at plans to introduce emissions-based parking permits for their bikes.

Hackney Council recently closed its consultation on plans to require motorcycles to have a valid permit to be parked and to be governed by the same pricing structures as other vehicles.

In August the authority introduced a new pricing structure that will see residents with the most polluting vehicles charged more than £1,000 a year to park by 2026.

But some bikers in the borough have slammed the proposals, claiming the council wants motorcyclists to park like bikes while being charged like cars.

In protest, campaign group Save London Motorcycling claimes these motorcyclists have taken to parking in bays to take up as much room as cars.

A spokesperson for the organisation said: “Motorcyclists in Hackney are fed up with the council's double-talk.

“They say they want us to park like bikes, but they want to charge us like cars.

They added: “With regret we now feel like we must now encourage all powered two wheeler riders in Hackney to show the council they can't have it both ways.

“Next time you take your bike to Hackney make sure you park like a car.”

The group claims that while the council encourages motorcyclists to save space by parking at 90 degrees to the kerb at one end of the bay, this is not an enforceable requirement.

The council says that it is currently reviewing all feedback and comments received during the consultation about the changes to motorcycle charges.

A report will then be prepared detailing any objections and giving recommendations as to whether these should be upheld or not.

Subject to this, the charges are due to come into force in the autumn of this year.

Speaking about the changes, Hackney business owner Andrew Almond said: "The new charges will make it economically unfeasible to travel by two wheels in Hackney for the majority. 

“Not only will this hit those reliant on affordable transport, it will wipe out all manner of communities and culture, ways of life that have brought colour to this city for decades."

Hackney Council did not respond to a request for comment.