The sister of a woman who was killed while cycling in Hackney has said that there was “so much more that she wanted to do with her life”.

Gao Gao, 36, has been named as the victim of a fatal crash that took place between a car and her bike in Whiston Road on September 21.

On Wednesday (October 18), her sister, Ella Gao, paid tribute to the mum-of-two at a protest organised by Hackney Cycling Campaign to call for safety improvements on roads in the borough.

In wet weather, Ms Gao thanked those who had turned out for the protest ride for fighting for “what should have been…[her sister Gao’s] right – to get home safely”.

Hackney Gazette: Cyclists take part in protest ride on Wednesday (October 18)Cyclists take part in protest ride on Wednesday (October 18) (Image: Becky Mursell / HCC)

She said: “The amount of people who have been in touch over the last few weeks, reaching out from near and far, across all walks of Gao Gao's life is a small testament to her emotional labour.

“But she had so much more to give, and so much more that she wanted to do with her life.”

Ms Gao added that her sister “had a talent for developing relationships and a special ability to inspire confidence in people lucky enough to know her”.

The 36-year-old died in hospital in the early hours of September 22, a day after the crash.

Martin Reilly, 29, of Caldecott Way, Lower Clapton, has since been charged with causing death by dangerous driving and interfering with a vehicle.

Hackney Cycling Campaign organised the ride-along protest after three people were killed on the borough’s roads while cycling within six weeks.

Harry Webb, 27, has been named as the cyclist who died in hospital two days after being seriously injured in a collision with a car in Kenworthy Road on September 10.

Hackney Gazette: Harry Webb, 27, after he was hit by a car while cycling in Hackney on September 10

The driver of the car– a 24-year-old woman – was arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm (GBH) by dangerous driving and later bailed pending further enquiries.

A man aged in his 40s was also killed in a crash at the junction of Great Eastern Street and Curtain Road on August 14.

Residents in Kenworthy Road and Whiston Road have been calling for improved road safety measures for several years.

Hackney Cycling Campaign co-ordinator Garmon ap Garth told PA: “We acknowledge that Hackney Council has done more than most London boroughs to enable cycling over many years, including introducing traffic filters, leading to the highest cycling levels in London, yet the recent deaths highlight that more action is required to make Hackney’s streets safer.”