Now that December is here and the days until Christmas are counting down, the early white Christmas predictions for London have begun. 

Weather in the region has quickly been getting colder with temperatures dropping to below 0C.

Some weather forecasters have started to suggest that snow is on the way, with WXCharts seeing snow on its way from early December.

Last year saw mixed conditions for London, with snow not coming until the end of winter in February.

But now, more forecasters have been sharing their predictions so you can find out if London will get a white Christmas.

Will the UK get snow this winter? 

Will London have a white Christmas?

The Met Office has shared its early prediction for the week of Christmas, with suggestions that there will be less snow and more wet conditions.

As the Met Office shares: "Conditions are most likely to be changeable through this period. Wetter and windier than average conditions are slightly more likely than normal, especially in the west and northwest.

"Temperatures are most likely to be near or above average overall, although this doesn't rule out some spells of cold weather and associated wintry hazards, though the chances of any prolonged spells of cold weather are low."

BBC Weather shows similar conditions, forecasting: "Currently, the signs are for this kind of relatively mild and rainy weather to persist up to Christmas, so a lot of people who are hoping for a White Christmas could be out of luck."

What are the odds for snow on Christmas Day?

The UK has a one-in-two chance of seeing snowflakes this Christmas, according to the latest betting odds.

Dr Richard Wild, the first person in the world to secure a PhD in snow trends, spoke to Betfred about chances of seeing the white stuff this year.

The man nicknamed 'Dr Snow' commented: “Since 1960 around half the years have seen at least five per cent of the recording network recording snowfall on Christmas Day. We can expect more than half of Christmas Days to have snow.

“Long range forecasts are known to be inaccurate. Mostly they work on a three month average, so at the moment that looks at December to February."

When should you put up and take down your Christmas tree?

“There are multiple forecasts available from organisations across the world, almost all of them are suggesting that December as a whole for the UK looks like experiencing temperatures slightly warmer than average.

“But it doesn’t mean there won’t be periods in December when it won’t be colder than normal. You may get some short sharp days where it is expected to be cold..

“The atmosphere is so complex when it comes to long-term forecasts, there are so many climate drivers that can influence our weather even if they are somewhere a long way away in other parts of the planet.”

This week's London weather forecast

For the upcoming week in London, weather conditions are expected to continue to be cold.

With temperatures at highs of 7C and lows of -1C, most days will be cloudy with midweek expected to be dark and cloudy. 

There will also be some rain in London, with the start of the week set to wet in the morning before drying off in the afternoon.