Storm Henk is set to bring strong winds of up to 50mph and heavy rain with the Met Office issuing an amber weather warning.

Forecasters have warned that gusts will grow stronger throughout the afternoon (January 2), peaking at around 4pm.

The storm is expected to cause “disruption to travel and utilities”, with the potential for power cuts and damage to buildings.

Flying debris is “likely”, with the Met Office warning this could lead to injuries.

The amber weather warning will remain in place until around 8pm this evening.

Chief Meteorologist Paul Gundersen said: “Our latest analysis of the forecast shows an increase in the likelihood of very strong wind gusts across parts of southern Wales and England, which is why we have issued this amber warning this morning and named Storm Henk.

“Storm Henk will initially bring very strong winds to the South West of England and southern Wales, with gusts of up to 80mph possible.

“As Storm Henk moves north-eastwards across the south of the UK through Tuesday, the strongest winds will also move eastwards, across the south Midlands, Home Counties and East Anglia through the afternoon and evening.”

North London forecast


Here is an hour-by-hour forecast for Hampstead:

1pm – 37mph winds, 60% chance of light rain, 12C

2pm – 38mph winds, 20% chance of precipitation, 12C

3pm – 42mph winds, 50% chance of light rain, 11C

4pm – 51mph winds, 50% chance of light rain, 11C

5pm – 48mph winds, 10% chance of precipitation, 10C

6pm – 40mph winds, 40% chance of light rain, 9C

7pm – 39mph winds, 10% chance of precipitation, 9C

8pm – 33mph winds, 10% chance of precipitation, 9C