Snow is forecast for north London this afternoon after the Met Office issued a yellow warning for ice.

London, which is covered by the warning, is set for “a mix of sleet and snow showers” today (January 8), which will move in from the east with “temperatures near zero”.

The yellow warning is in place between 4am and 10am, with snow currently forecast for the afternoon.

The Met Office said: “Given these wintry showers, and also wet surfaces after recent wet weather, some icy patches are likely on untreated surfaces.”

The forecaster added that some roads and railways are likely to be affected by ice, and in a few places by snow, leading to longer journey times.

Dr Agostinho Sousa, head of extreme events and health protection at UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) said: “With the Met Office forecasting drops in temperature across the United Kingdom into next week, it is important to check in on the wellbeing of those most vulnerable to the cold.”

With that in mind, here’s a breakdown of the hour-by-hour Met Office weather forecast for north London today.

Hampstead forecast


  • 9am – 1C
  • 10am – 1C
  • 11am – 1C
  • 12pm – 2C, 40% chance light snow shower
  • 1pm – 1C, 50% chance light snow
  • 2pm – 1C, 60% chance light snow
  • 3pm – 1C
  • 4pm – 1C
  • 5pm – 0C
  • 6pm – 0C
  • 7pm – 0C
  • 8pm – 0C
  • 9pm – 0C
  • 10pm– 0C
  • 11pm– 0C