Throughout the month of February, we’re telling the story of the 21 teenagers who were murdered in 2023. Our campaign, The 21, seeks to remember every victim as a young person with a family and their whole life ahead of them. We want to change the culture of kids carrying knives and becoming involved in violence. 

This is the face of Chima Osuji, a 17-year-old boy who was stabbed to death in Chingford in 2023.

Name: Chima Osuji 

Age: 17 

From: Chingford 

Here is a timeline of events and everything we know so far about his death: 

Monday, April 10 – Easter Monday: 

Chima Osuji was ambushed and stabbed on Longshaw Road in Chingford by two 16-year-olds.

His two attackers had spent the evening together before taking a cab to the road.

They then waited their, armed with knives, before ambushing Chima.

Members of the public and emergency services tried to give him first aid but Chima was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Meanwhile his attackers fled to a cab that was waiting for them and left the scene.

The driver of the cab recalled the pair being in a jubilant mood.

Wednesday, April 12: 

Chima’s mum, Donette Thomas, told ITV News London: “He is only 17. It is children killing children - when is this going to stop? I just can't believe it. 

"He is my last child, my baby and I think this has just got to stop. You can see from the flowers he was such a lovely child. I am going to miss him. 

"The whole family is distraught, we can't believe it, we think it is a dream. What did he do to deserve this? Why? I just can't believe it.” 

Two 16-year-olds, who cannot be identified, were charged with Chima’s murder. 

Both teenagers refused to answer any questions while in police custody.

Monday, January 22, 2024:

The two teenagers who ambushed Chima were both found guilty of murder by a jury at Snaresbrook Crown Court.

Neither of them have ever admitted why they carried out the attack.

Police said from the evidence gathered it was clear that this was not a chance encounter, but a planned act of violence.

They will be sentenced at the same court on March 1.