The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning with winds from Storm Isha set to exceed 50mph.

The forecaster has predicted strong winds across the country tomorrow and Monday (January 21 to 22) – with north London set to be affected.

Gusts exceeding 50mph can be expected, while northern England could be hit by winds as strong as 80mph – prompting an amber warning to be issued for this part of the country.

The yellow warning, which covers north London, means that travel and utilities are likely to be disrupted, and that "danger to life" is possible.

The Met Office has warned that some damage to buildings, injuries from flying debris, power cuts and travel disruption can all be expected.

Storm Isha is the ninth named storm to hit the UK since September.

Cold Arctic air pushing south into North America is making the jet stream more active, the Met Office said, and because it flows from west to east, it is bringing stormier weather to the UK.

It’s best to be prepared when stormy weather hits, so we’ve broken down the Met Office’s forecast for north London over the coming days.

Hampstead weather


Sunday January 21

9am – 8C, 30mph winds

12pm – 10C, 30mph winds

3pm – 11C, 39mph winds

6pm – 10C, 44mph winds

9pm – 10C, 51mph winds, light rain


Monday January 22

Midnight – 11C, 52mph winds, light rain

3am – 11C, 45mph winds, heavy rain showers

6am – 9C, 35mph winds

9am – 8C, 31mph winds

12pm – 9C, 35mph winds

3pm – 9C, 37mph winds

6pm – 7C, 35mph winds

9pm – 7C, 31mph winds