Eight people have been arrested after a police operation targeted a crime hotspot around Finsbury Park.

Metropolitan Police officers from Islington, Haringey, and Hackney took part in the operation on the streets of the area on January 17.

The eight arrests were made on suspicion of crimes including robbery, Class A drug dealing, money laundering and breach of immigration bail.

The latest police operation comes a month after seven arrests were made during raids on businesses in Blackstock Road.

Hackney Gazette: Police took part in a second operation in Finsbury Park since December

Both operations – carried out in collaboration with Islington, Haringey, and Hackney councils and British Transport Police – are part of a new initiative called ‘Love Finsbury Park’.

The manager of the BlackStock pub in Seven Sisters Road, Mehmet Bezgin, said he had seen a “big difference” since the operation began last month.

He told police: “[I’m] quite happy now…that the situation is safe at the moment.

“Customer-wise we had lots of complaints when… leaving or coming to the pub.

“After leaving, someone was nicking their mobile phones on the street. Lots of ladies were feeling unsafe walking down... this road.

“It’s already a big difference [in the] three weeks [since…police] started checking the area regularly.”

The ‘Love Finsbury Park’ scheme builds on the supposed success of other schemes that use three distinct phases – ‘clear, hold, build’ – to target “problem hotspots” within communities.

Following the initial ‘clear’ phase of the initiative, during which further targeted arrests are expected, the operation will begin to focus on ‘hold’ and ‘build’.

Hackney Gazette: Police took part in a second operation in Finsbury Park since December

The second phase is designed to try and prevent criminals moving in to fill the void left in the wake of the policing operation, while ‘build’ involves addressing the root causes of criminality.

Police say that the operation is “community-led” and was launched after people told them they feel unsafe in the area.

Islington Superintendent Jack May-Robinson added: “The Met is dedicated to working with partners such as Haringey, Hackney and Islington councils to carry out work in order to design out crime in the area.

“This will include looking at lighting in the area as well as other physical factors that would make Finsbury Park area safer for everyone.”