A style-conscious new pizza restaurant and cocktail bar will open its doors in Hackney Wick next month.

Unlock is the brainchild of Naples-born siblings Arianna and Giovanni Izzi, and their first London restaurant.

Giovanni is a restaurateur, and Arianna a seasoned chef, who honed her skills as a pastry chef at Naples' ‘Tarallificio Leopoldo’ restaurant. She has dedicated herself to perfecting a recipe for Neapolitan dough involving a meticulous 30-hour leavening process to achieve a light and airy base.

Hackney Gazette: Executive chef Arianna IzzoExecutive chef Arianna Izzo (Image: Unlock)

The 70 seat restaurant will feature a changing rosta of local and Italian artwork and photography on the walls, with design features including neon lights, two custom-made chandeliers, a 10 metre concrete stainless steel-topped bar, and a curated collection of unique furniture including 1960s chairs by Pagholz Flötotto, and vintage 70s Italian chrome and skai armchairs by Giotto Stoppino for Kartell.

Starters at Unlock will range from Nerano Parmigiana, to Il Crocché (croquettes) and Meatballs with fries and cheddar sauce.

The restaurant will serve wines from small producers in the Campania region and sparkling wines from Northern Italy, while the pizza menu is divided into classics and artisanal options.

Hackney Gazette: The 10 metre concrete and stainless steel bar will seat 18 to enjoy Unlock's wide range of cocktailsThe 10 metre concrete and stainless steel bar will seat 18 to enjoy Unlock's wide range of cocktails (Image: Unlock)

Purists can enjoy classics such as their Margherita topped with Fior di latte, pacchetelle tomatoes and fresh basil. Artisanal toppings include combinations such as truffle cream, mortadella DOP, burrata from Andria, hazelnut crumbs, and fresh basil, or gorgonzola lombardo, provola d'Agerola, shaved truffle, black pepper, and rosemary.

A set menu offers the chance to sample a slice of each artisanal topping paired with cocktails that include a twist on the classic Aperol, with white vermouth, honey and grapefruit juice; a gin cocktail with lychee, lemon, rose and tea cordial; or a vodka cocktail with italicus, cucumber, aloe juice and salt, as well a negroni with strawberry juice and basil.

Hackney Gazette: Both classical and artisanal pizzas will be made with 30-hour fermented doughBoth classical and artisanal pizzas will be made with 30-hour fermented dough (Image: Unlock)

The space designed by Milan-based Cristina Belfanti and Dario Cattozzi, includes two semi-private dining rooms seating 6-8, and a 15-cover canalside terrace due to open later in the year.

Artwork, curated by Giovanni and Arianna will showcase both Italian artists and locally based Hackney artists, with the restaurant hosting exhibition evenings, rotating new artwork every two months and creating a hub for the local creative community.

Chef Arianna says, "We are thrilled to be opening in Hackney Wick, we feel we’ve found the perfect home. Hackney is a vibrant neighbourhood, the place to be creative and bring together our Neapolitan heritage with our passion for pushing boundaries, hopefully Unlocking the potential for our guests to explore unusual but delicious flavour combinations."

Unlock will open in March at 1, Monkwood Way, E3.