A woman says the planned sale of her home of 15 years by her housing association feels "almost like social cleansing".

Aster Group tenant Carol Lerch says she was told “out-of-the-blue” that her flat in Amhurst Road will be sold privately “in the near future”.

The 66-year-old, who has lived in the converted Victorian house for 15 years, said she has “no idea” where she will move to if the sale goes ahead.

She told Hackney Gazette that as well as the four flats in her building, other homes owned by the same housing association in the borough were also earmarked for private buyers.

Carol, who lives in the flat with her ex-partner, said: “What they’re saying is it’s no longer viable to keep these properties going, so they’ve consequently made the decision to sell.

“This housing association recently merged with our old one – Central and Cecil (C&C). They’ve taken them over and decided they want to sell off.

“It seems to be all the really nice properties they are going for.”

The 66-year-old, who has had breast cancer three times, said it is not clear if the housing association will step in to help her find a new home.

She said: “I’m living with breast cancer, so I’ve had to fight that off, only to be hit with this.

“Aster haven’t told us a thing. All they’ve said is they will help us to look for alternative accommodation.

“There’s nothing about the fact they have a duty to house us because we’re assured tenants.”

Carol added she was worried she would be priced out of other housing in Hackney, despite having deep roots in the borough.

She said: “We’re Hackney people, we’re from Hackney. My ex-partner went to school in Hackney and grew up on the Pembury, so we've got strong links.

“It’s almost like social cleansing, the start of social cleansing in Hackney.”

A spokesperson for C&C, which is under the Aster Group brand, said that the housing association recently surveyed "a small number of homes" in Hackney. 

They claimed it was found that these properties "do not meet the standards we expect for our tenants". 

The spokesperson added: "We provide tailored personal and financial support and assistance to rehome our tenants according to their individual needs and preferences.

"We work closely with our tenants, who have a known contact person to meet and speak with, throughout their housing transition process. 

“Any proceeds from sales are reinvested into building more environmentally efficient, affordable, and secure homes and to maintain our better quality, existing homes for the longer-term benefits of our tenants.”