A woman was told she was lucky to be alive after she was shot in the back of the head with a crossbow. 

Nazarine Cazley, 44, was on her way home when she was hit with a crossbow bolt. 

The incident took place at around 7.45pm on March 4 near Arnold Circus in Shoreditch.

On Thursday evening (March 14), at around the same time, a man in was 20s was hit with a crossbow dart in the same area. 

Officers were at the scene within two minutes, where they found a man aged in his 20s with a neck injury. 

Police have not yet confirmed if they are officially linking the two cases. 

Nazarine’s husband, Clifton, said they are extremely concerned as nobody has been arrested over the attacks.

“She was almost home and some random person shot her with a crossbow. She’s been left extremely scared,” he said. 

Nazarine was rushed to hospital and a doctor removed the dart. 

“The doctor told her that if she was a child or an elderly person she wouldn’t have survived that,” he said. 

“I think if she was a second quicker or a second slower it could have hit a different part of her head and she wouldn’t be here today.” 

Clifton described the terrifying moment it happened. 

“She was almost home when she felt something hit the back of her head,” he said. 

“When she felt the back of her head there was a spear sticking out. My son heard her screaming and rushed out to help her.” 

Investigations into both incidents are under way, and there have been no arrests at this time. 

Nazarine’s family have called on anyone who saw anything to get in contact with police.   

Any witnesses to the incident last night are asked to call 101 quoting reference CAD 6663/14Mar. 

Anyone with information about the incident on March 4 should quote reference CAD 6552/04Mar.