The long Easter bank holiday is quickly approaching, which means extra time to relax, sit back and take in some well-earned free time.

But before we can relax and head out for long walks or adventures to coastal towns, there's one thing that everyone focuses on ahead of a bank holiday weekend.

The topic of the weather seems to decide how the long weekend will go, as dark rainy clouds equal indoor activities but warm cloudy skies make great conditions for outdoor days.

Ahead of the Easter bank holiday weekend, the Met Office has published its predicted forecast for London, and it shows signs that Spring is finally here.

You can see the full Met Office report here.

Met Office weather forecast for London's Easter bank holiday 

The Easter weekend is set to start wet for London as Good Friday (March 29) sees sunny clouds and the chance of precipitation at highs of 80% at midday.

While the rain will back off later in the day, Friday will be warm, with temperatures around 13C and lows of 8C in the early morning.

But, there will be some wind to face, with gusts of 34mph during the midday coming from the southwest.

Saturday, March 30, will see calm conditions for much of London, with winds at highs of 22mph and lows of 9mph.

The temperature will be warmer than Good Friday with highs of 14C before cooling off in the evening to 8C.

Although Saturday will be cloudy for most of the day, you can expect some sun peaking through the clouds in the evening.

Easter Sunday, March 31, in London, will be similar to Saturday, with cloudy skies throughout the day and highs of 13C.

There will be little wind with gusts of just 21mph and lows of 10mph as well as a small chance of precipitation at 10%.

Bank holiday Monday, April 1, will start chilly with temperatures of 7C before rising to 13C later in the day.

Monday will continue to be cloudy but dry with precipitation at 10%, plus wind will be as little as 12mph.

The Met Office forecast shares: "Staying generally unsettled, with further spells of showers, perhaps heavy and thundery at times. Some drier interludes this weekend, however, with sunny spells possible. Temperatures near average."