A party shop says Beyoncé’s recent country album has sparked a surge of interest in inflatable cowboy boots and Stetsons.

Party Party, in Ridley Road, Hackney, experienced an unexpected sales increase following the release of Beyonce's record-breaking album Cowboy Carter.

The album, the singer's first foray into country music, surpassed 300 million streams and became the number one selling record in America.

Beyoncé also made history by becoming the first black artist to have a No 1 in the UK with a country album.

Now the Dalston shop says customers have been snapping up country music-themed merchandise, taking the cowboy trend beyond just their playlists.

Hackney Gazette: Dalston residents love the country-themed merchandiseDalston residents love the country-themed merchandise (Image: Party Party)

In response to the sudden demand, owner Jag said: "To be honest we didn’t know what had hit us.

"We have a huge range of fancy dress outfits.

"I’m not into country music and when our cowboy hats suddenly started to sell we wondered what was going on.

"But it didn’t stop there.

"We sell cowboy boot balloons and they started to shift."

Jag credits not just the Beyonce effect, but also the uniqueness of his store.

He says: "We’ve always had to change with the times as the fads and fashions change.

"Our customers love to come here and try on different outfits - something they can’t do online!"