A walk along a nice calming river seems to fix all of life's problems.

Taking a step away from the busy roads and the loud sounds of honking horns and swapping it to the peace and quiet of a breezy wind and moving river, there's nothing quite so peaceful.

While the idea of walking along the River Thames might at first make you think of a tourist trap in central London, there are several walks along the Thames that offer a taste of serenity.

As The Telegraph has highlighted the five best walks along the Thames, stretching out from Gloucestershire to the capital.

Bringing the walks a bit closer to home, we've taken a look at the top three walks closer to London that you can try along the Thames.

You can see the full Telegraph article here.

Take a walk through Henley-on-Thames.Take a walk through Henley-on-Thames. (Image: Getty)

The 3 best walks along the River Thames 


The sweet town of Henely-on-Thames is set on the River Thames and is best known for its love of rowing and being home to the Royal Regatta which was founded back in 1839.

Whether you want to take the train to Henley-on-Thames and walk back or walk to the idyllic town and relax on the train home, the Telegraph shares that the walks take you through the "beautiful Chilterns countryside".

Taking between five and seven miles, the walk goes through the countryside past Temple Island, around Hambleden Lock and Mill before looping back to Henley.

Describing the area, the Telegraph shares: "This cluster of brick-and-flint houses, Jacobean-style manor and 12th-century church is pretty as a picture."

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If you are looking for a walk along the Thames that also offers plenty of food spots, then Marlow is the perfect destination for you.

Set between meadows and wooded hills, the town is home to well-regarded restaurants including The Coach, the Hands & Flowers and pubs including the Bounty Pub.

The Telegraph shares: "This is a more developed riverbank, but that means fine houses to ogle and interesting diversions aplenty, including Cookham’s Stanley Spencer Gallery, Tudor-style Dorney Court and enormous Windsor Castle."

The longer walk is around 14 miles but takes you along a rich historical path with plenty of food options and the option of train stations for a quick ride home.

The Thames Path

Try the Thames Path.Try the Thames Path. (Image: Getty)

If you're feeling brave and have some free time, why not take on the entire River Thames and follow the landmark through all its destinations?

The Thames Path National Trail first opened in 1996 and will take you from the countryside of Kemble to the Woolwich foot tunnel.


London walk named among one of Britain's best and there's a reason for it

The walk is 185 miles in length and typically takes hikers between 14-16 days with a well-signed route and plenty of hotels and restaurants along the way.

Summing up the walk, The Telegraph shares: "Things start small, quiet, rural, gradually growing bigger, grander, busier. When the clamour of London is finally reached, it feels right: there’s no better way to enter the city than having walked the river from which it was born."