YouTube stars The Sidemen took over a supermarket to launch their range of frozen foods.

The YouTube group launched a new line of frozen food and sauces, available exclusively at Iceland from Tuesday, June 18.

To celebrate, the Sidemen rebranded Iceland’s Hackney store as ‘SIDESLAND’ for the day.

Members Harry Lewis (known as W2S), Ethan Payne (Behzinga), Tobit Brown (TBJZL), and Joshua Bradley (Zerkaa) were on site for the afternoon to open the store to eager fans.

With this launch, Iceland becomes the first UK supermarket to sell the SIDES range of frozen foods, which start at just £2.

The Sidemen also gave out SIDES merch at the launchThe Sidemen also gave out SIDES merch at the launch (Image: Iceland)

Tobit Brown (TBJZL), a member of the Sidemen, said: "SIDES have officially arrived at Iceland and we couldn't be more excited for customers to get their hands on the products.

"Seeing the Iceland store being taken over by the SIDES brand today and the customers outside waiting to get their hands on the products, has been fantastic for us and a great moment in the SIDES journey."

Crowds of fans queued to enter SIDESLAND and taste the new products.

The launch included a carnival theme, with a SIDESLAND branded lorry playing music for fans.

The YouTube stars were photographed opening the store, and the first SIDES products were snapped up by customers.

Shoppers also received free SIDES merch, including hoodies, caps, and T-shirts, and participated in competitions to win a host of prizes.

Andrew Staniland, group buying director at Iceland Foods & The Food Warehouse, said: "We couldn't be happier to become the first supermarket to stock SIDES and we can't wait for customers to try the incredible range.

This is the first time the Sidemen's SIDES range will be available in a supermarketThis is the first time the Sidemen's SIDES range will be available in a supermarket (Image: Iceland)

"At the SIDESLAND store, the products flew out of the freezers and off the shelves, so we're expecting the range to be one of our most popular launches ever."

The group has more than 130 million subscribers in total and first launched the SIDES brand as a delivery-only service in late 2021.

The brand has grown, with six food courts now open nationwide.

However, their new partnership with Iceland marks the first time the Sidemen’s range, including popular chicken items, sauces and Chilli Cheese Nuggets will be available in supermarkets.

For more information on the SIDES range available at Iceland and The Food Warehouse, visit