She was the headliner that many Glastonbury-goers hadn't heard of, but fans in Hyde Park certainly knew who SZA was as she kicked off this year's BST concerts in blistering style.

Saturday's good-natured crowd were with her all the way through a hit-packed 90-minute set that was by turns soulful, playful, and up-tempo - many mouthing every lyric to every song.

Unlike Glasto there were no costume changes - and little chat - but the sound quality, and vocals, on the likes of Broken Clocks, Love Galore, Drew Barrymore, and All the Stars, were heart-piercingly perfect.

The RnB star performed on a log at one pointThe RnB star performed on a log at one point (Image: Mr Not Blue and Cassidy Meyers)

There was fevered excitement as SZA took to the Great Oak stage 15 minutes late - some wobbly inflatable stalactites and an overhead log were giving Flintstones vibes, but all became clear as the R'n'B star rose above the stage on a podium, and the screens came alive with crawling insects.

Throughout a boundary-crossing show which drew from her 2017 album Ctrl and 2022's SOS, the visuals morphed from cave to waterfall, to jungle and a luminous moon and stars, as she returned to the podium.

At one point she wielded a sword for the murder ballad Kill Bill and its fantasy of killing her ex; 'his new girlfriend's next'.

At another she straddled a giant ant, then climbed up to the now lowered log and dangled her legs over the side of a platform to deliver two highlight tracks, the glorious Nobody Gets Me to a jangly guitar, and the lighters-aloft singalong Saturn.

The crowd at BST Hyde Park on Saturday June 29.The crowd at BST Hyde Park on Saturday June 29. (Image: Sharon Lopez)

She was still up on the log when the Drake song Rich Baby Daddy got everyone shouting 'Hands on Your Knees' as she joined in with some twerking of her own.

Elsewhere a snippet of Prince's Kiss preceded the Doja Cat cover Kiss Me More and got everyone grooving.

Surrounded by a troupe of dancers the star proved she could crack out some moves of her own - hell she even did the splits.

With her body positivity and songs about heartbreak, jealousy, and bad behaviour, she's a relatable star for our times - even though she didn't interact much with the crowd.

She did tease her next steps with "New album, you ready?" And towards the end touchingly confessed she had been "a bit nervous" because it was her first time working with the new set.

Just before wrapping up with Good Days and 20 Something, there was a sense that she could finally relax, as she gushed how much she loved London.

“You’re like my second home. I’ll always come back here. You’re the best crowd. I love you."

The feelings were mutual.

BST Hyde Park continues with gigs by Stray Kids, Andrea Bocelli, Shania Twain, Morgen Wallen, Kylie and Stevie Nicks.