50 arrests for weapons and drugs at the Hackney Weekend pop festival

Stringent security checks at the Hackney Weekend paid off, as police arrested people carrying weapons and drugs before they could access the two-day mega pop festival on the Marshes.

In total, 50 arrests for a variety of offences were made during the policing operation at ‘Radio One’s Hackney Weekend’ yesterday, on Saturday June 23.

Festival goers faced long queues as bags were searched and identities verified before entry was allowed.

“The vast majority of arrests occurred during the search procedures ticket holders undergo prior to entering the event,” said a police spokesman.

“There were no significant incidents, this is pretty good news.”

Event organiser Jason Carter spoke to the Gazette last week about the large scale security operation to make sure the event was safe.

“From the point of putting on large scale events in London there are a lot of challenges, especially an event with 50,000 people,” he said.

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“Certain parts of London can be more challenging than others, some would say east London has more risks attached to it - but the BBC would say it’s good to take it to east London, there are a lot of young people in the area and why should they be deprived.”