Japan gifts Hackney 101 Cherry Blossom trees

Russell Miller, from Tree Musketeers, with a volunteer and Mayor of Hackney, Philip Glanville

Russell Miller, from Tree Musketeers, with a volunteer and Mayor of Hackney, Philip Glanville - Credit: Hackney council

A hundred Japanese cherry trees have been planted in Springfield Park and Daubeney fields. 

Hackney's Tree Musketeers and council staff planted 101 Cherry Blossom trees thanks to a donation from the people of Japan. 

Russell Miller from Tree Musketeers said: "Planting the cherry trees was very exciting because I know how beautiful they are when in blossom."

Newly planted Cherry Blossoms.

Some of the Cherry Blossoms, known as Sakura in Japan, planted by the River Lee Navigation. - Credit: Hackney council

More than 6,000 trees have been sent to the UK by Japan, to be planted across the country in celebration of its relationship with Britain. 

In Springfield Park, the Cherry Blossoms have been planted at the bottom of the park close to the River Lea. Trees in Daubeney can be found at the northern end of the park. 

Hackney's mayor Philip Glanville, who joined in with the planting, hopes the plants will bring hope during "such a hard time".

Hackney volunteers planting Japanese Cherry trees.

The trees planted in Hackney are from three varieties: ‘Beni-yutaka’, ‘Tai-haku’, and ‘Somei-yoshino’, which have been chosen for their variation in colour, timing, and historical significance. For example, ‘Tai-haku’ is a large, single white blossom variety, which became extinct in Japan but was reintroduced to its homeland by Britain’s Collingwood 'Cherry' Ingram in 1932. - Credit: Hackney council

“Cherry trees are an iconic part of Japanese culture, symbolising spring, hope, beauty and new life," he said.

The planting was supported by Thames Water and the Kings Park Moving Together programme.

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