And that’s a rap! Clapton family guy launches new single

AFTER eight weeks in a house packed with TV cameras filming his every move, Ayo Adesina is no stranger to fame.

Now the young man who starred in recent Channel Four series The Family hopes to make a name as a celebrity for very different reasons, recording a new rap single this month.

The 27-year-old eldest son of the Adesina family, from Southwold Road in Clapton, is confident his new single Miss Education will be better received than when he performed it at a West End Club on the show.

Ayo admitted: “In the show the response wasn’t so good. But when I’ve gone back and looked on the website I’ve had a much better response.”

Ayo added that since his stint on The Family he’s been booked for more parties, had his single played on Choice FM and now scores regular gigs at West End clubs.

The web programmer said he didn’t mind the constant cameras – “I’m a bit of an extrovert myself, so I wasn’t bothered about being in the public eye” – but admits he was a bit embarrassed after one episode saw him rapping at a house party.

Ayo said: “I got quite drunk and started giving everyone a little rap.

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“I forgot about that. I only remembered when I saw it on the show.”

Since the series Ayo and his band Team Starvin have been busy recording and filming the video clip for new single Miss Education.

He says the rap, which was filmed in his former secondary school Raine’s Foundation in Bethnal Green, is “a positive song about growing up in Hackney but not being a stereotypical Hackney young man. It’s about getting further in life by increasing your knowledge.”

The single is set to be released in March. For a sneak preview of the making of the video clip, head to: