Street art project sees angels scattered all over Hoxton

Reverend Ben Bell poses with angel wings

Reverend Ben Bell, Rector of St Anne's Church in Hoxton. - Credit: St Anne's Hoxton / Grace Church Hackney.

Over a thousand angels have been scattered throughout Hoxton as part of a street art inspired project.  

St Anne's Hoxton Church and Grace Church Hackney have teamed up to "angel bomb" the area.


A St Anne's churchwarden poses with angel wings.

Kemi Taiwo, one of the churchwardens at St Anne's poses with angel wings put up for the public in Hoxton. - Credit: St Anne's Hoxton / Grace Church Hackney

Spray-chalk stencils of angels have gone up in alleyways and mini wooden angels placed in doorways, tied to lampposts and tucked between railings.

The heavenly creatures have been drawn on shop and cafe windows with the hashtag #angelsoverhoxton.


An outline of an angel drawn in a shop window.

Thousands of angels have been scattered throughout Hoxton. - Credit: St Anne's Hoxton / Grace Church Hackney.

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One has been drawn over a bullet hole in a shop front next to St Anne's where there had been a shooting just days before. 

The project aims to make up for missed gatherings and cancelled Christmas services this year due to the coronavirus pandemic and, to spread a little cheer. 

The project was inspired by St Anne's Christmas card from last year, which depicted the nativity scene in the heart of Hoxton Street market with angels thronging around it. 

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Leaders of the churches, which meet in the same building on the Whitmore Estate, say it has been "wonderful" to see families and friends walking around the streets of Hackney on "angel hunts" spotting small angels in nooks and crannies

Andrew Jones, minister-in-charge of Grace Church Hackney, said: "Understandably, there is a lot of fear around at the moment. The Hoxton Angels help us not to be afraid. They remind us that God in Jesus Christ has lived among us and is with us.

"It's been good for us to work in partnership with a parish congregation. We're discovering our different strengths as two churches together, and are looking forward to working alongside one another in the future."

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An angel sits on a Hoxton gate

Angels have been placed all over Hoxton as part of an street art inspired project. - Credit: St Anne's Hoxton / Grace Church Hackney.

The angels have created quite a buzz since they were put up with other churches, schools and families getting in touch to do the same.

Angels are expected to start popping up in Haggerston, Sloane Square, Earsfield and even Jakarta in Indonesia. 

Community artist Janie Macaulay, a member of Grace Church, was involved in creating the artwork.

Follow the project on Instagram @angelsoverhoxton

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