Animal rights protesters target Hackney business Beyond Retro

Group against company sellinng vintage fur items.

ANTI-fur protestors woke residents from their slumber when they descended on a Hackney business.

The Coalition to Abolish the Fur Trade (CAFT) brandished placards and shouted through a megaphone outside the head office of Beyond Retro in Penn Street, Hoxton, on Wednesday morning.

The group were protesting against the company selling vintage fur coats.

Michael Jones, a neighbour, said: “The sound of them using the megaphone woke me and other residents and I could hear them shouting ‘you have blood on your hands’.”

Police confirmed a group of around 10 protestors were outside the building from around 8am but said they were all peaceful.

A spokeswoman for Beyond Retro said: “All of our products are vintage and if they were not with us they would be in a landfill.

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“We have a lot of very old products including furs going back to the Victorian era. We don’t sell new furs.

“This group have been outside our shops before but this is the first time they have come to our head office.

“There is not that opportunity (to speak with the group) to do that otherwise we would.

“It is extremely disturbing for the residents and businesses in the area.”