Appeal for lost puppy last seen at Hackney Central

Missing: Sociable Rocky hasn't been seen for almost a week

Missing: Sociable Rocky hasn't been seen for almost a week - Credit: Archant

The distraught owner of Rocky, a poodle-cross puppy who went missing last Friday (January 23) has launched a borough-wide appeal to help bring him home.

Owner, Cherry Jordan, 34 describes Rocky as small with black medium length curly fur, a white chin and paws and said he was very sociable.

The one-year-old pup was last seen on the platform of Hackney Central station at 7:15pm where he slipped out of his collar, away from his dog-walker.

But Network Rail have confirmed that no dead animals have been found on the track and he is believed to be alive.

Ms Jordan, a De Beauvoir resident, said: “He’s very sociable; he does bark and he has quite high pitched young dog’s bark but he is really friendly and loving.

“I think what happened when he got lost, was the person that lost him was chasing after him and he thought it was a game. I would call him, not chase him - he is trained. The command we use is ‘Rocky, come’ and he loves being held, stroked and cuddled.”

Ms Jordan said his disappearance has been reported but is hoping people will spread the world among those who do not have internet access.

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She said: “He is really missed.”

Anyone with information on Rocky’s whereabouts should call: 07812 136858.