Artist wins praise for Haggerston mural

An artist who has transformed a block of flats has been praised for cheering up the street.

Nazir Tanbouli asked if he could brighten up the block at Laburnum Street in Haggerston.

The block at Hebden Court is due to be demolished and replaced with new homes but neighbour Peter Leff who lives opposite said he has enjoying seeing the artwork take shape.

Residents will be moving out next year as housing association L & Q Group rebuilds homes in the area.

Mr Leff told the Gazette: “I’m generally not fond of graffiti but this is more like graphic art and has changed the building.”

He added: “It has brightened up the area and made people feel good. It’s brilliant.”

He said the design features a yellow rhinoceros and a king, with a yellow background.

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“It’s a very busy sort of road. It does brighten up my day. I can see it from my kitchen. I was astounded when the artist did it - it takes my breath away.”

Retired service engineer Mr Leff said: “The building is 1930s or post war and is due to be knocked down. We need more places like that, it’s old and an eye sore, the places need brightening up.”

Artist Nazir Tanbouli took three days to transform the ground floor building from a drab block into an eye-catching sight.

He is a resident in one of the housing association’s properties and asked if he could paint the walls of a disused community facility on the ground floor.

He specialises in painting, drawing and murals and has recently exhibited his work at the Freaks show Shoreditch Town Hall.

Mr Tanbouli has been working as an artist for the last 20 years.

Lukman Ahmed, who is the neighbourhood operations manager for L & Q Group in Haggerston said: “We have been working with artists who are our residents and I am delighted with the reaction to Nazir’s work. We also have a nationally recognised art project, the I Am Here project at Samuel House in Dunstan House.”

That art work features the images of residents who live there.