Award winning comedian makes movie debut

Samantha Baines

Samantha Baines - Credit: Archant

From touring the pub comedy circuit and hosting radio shows to winning awards and landing a blockbuster film role, comedian and actress Samantha Baines has been busy entertaining audiences with her fresh comic style.

Known for co-hosting a Saturday breakfast show on Hoxton Radio speaking to inspiring women and guesting on Radio 4 and XFM, Samantha is now gracing the silver screen with a role in A Royal Night Out – starring Rupert Everett and Emily Watson.

She said: “I play Mary who is a cockney girl celebrating in the crowd on VE Day. It was really fun, and I got into the cockney accent because I’m a Londoner. The first scene is fun and silly and what you might call comedy, but the second scene is more heartfelt and touching. It is rare you get to do comedy and drama in a guest role and I liked that there was something a bit more to her.”

The Islington-based comedian, of Goswell Road, was also recently crowned What the Frock Best Newcomer in 2015 and was a Funny Women finalist last year.

She said: “It’s nice to be recognised in your industry for all the gigs – I’ve been doing stand up for a year and half and you do trudge round London tubes, coming back on night buses, doing weird and wonderful gigs so it is really nice when someone says you are worth it and you are on the right track.

“I trained at the Central School of Speech and Drama and always loved making people laugh so I started getting comedy roles. I thought one day I would give stand up a go but was a bit scared and then just thought I would go for it a year and a half ago.

It is really nice because acting is quite dependant on people and cast but with comedy I can write some jokes at home and go to gig and see if anyone laughs.”

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Samantha said she was inspired by Sarah Silverman and funnyman Lee Evans’ physical sets as well as stream of consciousness style comedy.

She said: “People are always thinking we are so brave but I we just love attention. Standing on stage with a microphone and you are the loudest person in the room with everyone laughing is the most amazing feeling ever.”

Her latest projects include Edinburgh Fringe Festival where her set will focus around the universe, inspired by a poem she wrote in the Huffington Post for television physicist Brian Cox.

Samantha said: “I tweeted at him every day for five days but he didn’t reply so now I am putting that in the show – it is my motivation for learning about the universe: ‘You didn’t retweet my poem, but I can impress you with my universe knowledge.’”

With so many different projects on the go, it is surprising that Samantha is so energetic and upbeat but she said that she loves being busy.

She said: “It keeps me on my toes and I learn so many different things, for example, doing the radio and then informs the way I deliver lines; it all feeds into one another and keeps life interesting.”

She added: “I’m just all about promoting strong, interesting and talented women and also women in comedy. So if anyone at home wants to try it, I totally encourage them and if they want any advice, just tweet me.”

A Royal Night Out is out now in cinemas.