BBC One presenter Jasmine Harman wants to find hoarders to participate in her next TV series

Hackney-born BBC One TV presenter Jasmine Harman is searching for people who hoard to take part in a follow-up to her two critically acclaimed documentaries on the disorder.

The new three-part series about hoarding - an obsessive illness which sees sufferers pile up their homes sky-high with possessions, will explore the psychology behind hoarding and hopes to help participants turn their life around and regain control of their homes.

Jasmine’s 2011 documentary “My Hoarder Mum and Me” featured her mother Vasoulla Savvidou, who lives in Lower Clapton, and this year’s follow-up, “Britain’s Biggest Hoarder” saw her helping two other people with the illness which is thought to affect as many as five per cent of the population.

Jasmine – former presenter of Channel 4’s A Place in the Sun fame, in which she helps people find their ideal home - is very aware of the sensitivities around the issue of hoarding, having grown up around it, and is passionate about raising the profile of this condition.

“We realise that some people are in desperate situations and we want to help them, at their own pace and in a way that they feel comfortable with, to have a lasting impact,” said Jasmine.

“It is not a quick fix, but we hope that this approach will yield long term results and will also help people watching to better understand the reasons behind hoarding and to show other hoarders and their families that they are not alone.

The production company, Two Four, plans to employ professionals in the field like psychologists and de-clutterers to work with Jasmine and there is also a budget for aftercare.

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They want to create more awareness around the complexities of the illness so in future there may be more resources available for people suffering in silence, depression or facing eviction.

This series Jasmine will explore what could happen if hoarding is officially categorised next year as a disorder in its own right.

Anyone interested in talking to the production team should contact Rachel Cumella on 0207 438 1937 or email

Otherwise see to join in discussion forums on hoarding.